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Sarah McDonald Hidebrand

“Great Service!   I hired James to fix the lights over my desk.  He did a great job.  I highly recommend him.”

Lisa Linger

“I highly recommend AMPED ELECTRIC, LLC for any electrical needs. We upgraded to 200 amp service. Thank You James!”

Leon S Kennedy

“We currently reside on a ten acre farm in the middle of nowhere. That being said, Amped Electric (James) was the only company willing to even come out to our little patch of trouble (last minute too!) Our electical wiring was so messed up, that when everything refused to work, our dryer, yes dryer, was the only thing managing to keep one breaker working so we could even call for his help! What was supposed to be a simple box wiring fix, turned into the discovery of years of neglectful wiring found not only in the house, but barn and garage! If it wasnt for Amped Electric (James), who willingly took on our major farm hellhole project without even a notice, we wouldn't currently be an up and running equestrian facility or even a functioning household. Amped Electric (James) was quick, efficient, careful and kind throughout the whole entire project. We were always told that if there was an issue, we could call him at anytime and hed have it fixed. Never once did he make a move or install anything before asking and all my horses were very greatful and comfortable with them working around and above them.All in all, Amped Electric managed to turn an down in out farm into a wonderful place to live and work.”

Devena Moore

“We had a lightening strike that had knocked our power out. We had another electrician out who was unable to get full powered restored. A friend had recommended Amped so I called and he had me up and running before he left in just a few hours. Very professional! Would highly recommend.”

Debbie S

Amped upgraded my service and replaced the wiring in my entire home, which was built in the 1940’s, it provided many challenges. The team arrived promptly everyday until the job was complete. They were professional and cleaned up each day. James is very knowledgeable and had a very structured approach to the project. I would highly recommend Amped Electric

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